Supporting Clients With Family and Divorce Disputes


1-on-1 Sessions

Take the time to explore what truly matters for your case and find solutions tailored specifically to your situation. Angela will help guide you in making purposeful steps towards achieving all of your goals!

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Preparing for Professionals

Make sure you have a confident approach by preparing for your custody evaluation, deposition, or courtroom testimony with this comprehensive package. It will help sharpen your focus and equip you to take on whatever questions come up so that the court professionals can hear exactly what matters most!


On-Demand Services

Need help managing high-conflict situations? Our service provides real-time text support when you need it most.

Message us to learn more about how we can be there in a crisis!

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Documentation System

Take control of your chaos! Our web-based software gives you the power to put incident tracking and evidence storage in one easy, secure spot.

No more confusion or lost papers—manage everything with confidence.